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Toledo Soap Co.

Rosemary Citrus Charcoal Bar Soap

Rosemary Citrus Charcoal Bar Soap

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Gentle, hydrating, and detoxifying, these body soap bars cleanse with a delightfully bubbly lather.

CHARCOAL BAR: Softly scented, enjoy the fresh citrus aroma of lemon and tangerine with a hint of woodsy rosemary upon use. The addition of charcoal helps cleanse the skin and remove impurities from the skin’s pores.

INGREDIENTS:  A gentle handcrafted soap, it is made with organic olive oil, organic and sustainably sourced coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, orange essential oil, rosemary essential oil, lemon essential oil, tangerine essential oil, and activated charcoal. 

Each bar is hand cut to approximately 4 ounces (113.4g).

HOW TO USE: Cleanse skin with a rich lather and then rinse. To help you bar last longer, please keep it in a draining soap dish away from direct streams of water.

Toledo Soap Co is handcrafted bar soap that is made in the United States and only uses natural fragrances.NEVER LIST: We never use palm oil, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, or animal products.

*sodium hydroxide (lye), is the magic that turns oils into soap. Through a process called saponification, the lye and oils mix to form an entirely new substance - soap. None of the lye is left after the saponification process is finished; the lye and oil molecules have broken each other apart and reformed into soap and glycerin.

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